Although we specialize in website design, web application development and graphics Entertainment is a New Delhi based full service technology and Design Company. We offer a complete range of services including internet marketing, award-winning design, mobile website development, and much more. What sets us apart is our ability to bring these various disciplines together into a seamless solution. Bybotech has a wide range of services and business-driven approach, differentiates it from a standard graphic / web-designing companies and agencies. It can bring out your design requirements across all mediums, making it a 'one stop studio' for all your design and marketing needs.

Website Development
A lot of people are looking out for things, people, and services on the go. Which means, they are looking out for them online. A well-thought out, professionally designed website can help you be found. Not by chance, more by design. When we take up web-designing for clients, we keep in mind their identity, purpose of the project, customer preferences before proposing a solution.
Websites play a major role in any business; from enticing and acquainting customers about products and services to facilitate a channel for communication. A website also provides a platform for purchasing items and finalizing online payments. Thus, the design of your website demands substantial consideration, utmost of its abilities and should give you maximum output. As a business person or even as an individual, you must be having certain goals and objectives. It is the time now, when you should be ready to make changes so you can align and achieve your goals and objectives with your website.

Responsive Website
Gone are the days when surfing the web meant sitting at your computer. Now, your audience is on the go, accessing your website anywhere they have a signal. Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, and users are expecting their favorite websites to follow suit. Thankfully, the evolution of ‘Responsive Web Design’ is allowing this to happen. From smart phones and tablets, to everything in between, responsive website design addresses the needs of your visitors by seamlessly restructuring and scaling the contents of your website for the screen size they are viewing.

A few of the benefits of Responsive websites include
Better User Experience. The experience of visiting a non-mobile-friendly website from a mobile device is frustrating. The visitor must zoom in and out and scroll side-to-side to find the information they need. On the other hand, visiting a responsive website is like a breath of fresh air – all the contents of the website are just the right size, and information is easy to find.
Improve Online Visibility. Google favors responsive websites more so than separate desktop and mobile websites. Being on the "good side" of this search engine giant could increase the likelihood that your website will appear in search engine results pages.
Save Time. Time is money, and money is time. Having only one website to update instead of two will save you time and money. The mobile audience continues to grow at a staggering rate. Businesses must keep up or be left in the dust.

CMS Development
For many organizations, there is a constant need to manage and modify website content in a timely and affordable manner. So, imagine being able to make content changes to your company website whenever and wherever you wanted. You could announce a critical update for a product, publish a press release, or coordinate a mass e-mailing – all from a web-based content management system (or CMS). Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with costly marketing firms or an unresponsive family member and self-manage your web content according to your business's needs and schedule.

Globally, companies are realizing greater profits and business results by expanding their business with e-commerce solutions - enabling them to expand into untapped markets. Frame Entertainment has a strong portfolio in designing and executing various models of online business applications.

Mobile web development
Mobile websites are increasingly becoming a standard within an online presence. With the majority of consumers using smart phones, it is crucial to have information available to them in an easy-to-use manner.
When designing mobile websites our team of web designers takes into account that mobile users are looking for certain information, such as directions, contact information or products and services. Whatever the case may be, as on-the-go users, they need information fast. Overall, our expertise in mobile web design will help you reach the goals of capturing the smart phones demographic. Our team of mobile website experts located in New Delhi will listen to your needs, and then deploy a mobile website to increase traffic to your overall online campaign.

We bet to persuade our clients a very rich collection of services for software development and Web Design in India. Our essential attribute is the integrated approach that we provide. Our proficient specialists carry out all operations necessary to acquire the final product. The maximum rates of the most of our services are very low (the exact price depends on many factors: complexity and the size of the project, required skills, and so on). The prices include full testing cycle for the developed software or web-site, performed by Software Testing department of our Company. We create systems for operation on Internet (front-end and back-end applications). We are also capable of designing (and test for reliability and performance) an interaction protocol between client and server. The sort of creative work we offer here are the same as for the Software Development. We put forth the full set of work for Web site creation.